Presenting the new Photoshop build of the Apple Touchbar at the Apple Special Event in October 2016 in Cupertino.

If you want to watch the rest go here.
Roles : Experience, Visual and Icon Design. Demo Writer, Presenter
The challenge
Design a Touchbar experience with no reference material. 
Test Driven Design
We must win with existing users who would be likely to purchase an iPad pro. Also the demo must be press-friendly and executable in a given (short) amount of time.
Self-imposed design prompt details
1. Must be excellent/shine in full screen (as this is an accelerator)
2. Useful in most contexts (no deep nested navigation required, No dead controls
1. Demo Scripts imagined
Starting with where we hoped to end up help us constrain the problem.
2. General blocking ideas
Making sense out of the new new touchbar by trying to identify areas of functionality. Could we read left to right? How much depth would work? 

Blocking in process... 

3. Icon design
Simple, needed to follow the Apple guidelines and feel at home with Adobe Photoshop standards.
Graphic simplicity was imperative as touchbar controls were meant to be used as keys. Not like classic, packed-in desktop UI.

Iconography in progress.

4. Iteration
Iterate on the demo content. Presentation and working with the amazing Jesper Stormbach to actually build what we imagined was possible.
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